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at CFN looks like the following 

After 18.2, your quads and hips might be a little sore. My go to upper leg stretches are couch stretch and pigeon pose. But when I need something else, I like to do single leg banded squats.  This is a great mobilization that restores full range of motion to gummed up tissues and is a good way to get ready for any exercise that requires you to open you hips into full extensions like the top of a squat or a split jerk. 

Step one leg into a band that is wrapped around the rig and bring it up into your butt crease. Step back to create a forward distraction.  Squeeze your glutes and tuck your ribs to keep from overarching your back – we want to keep good posture in these positions, like the picture on left.  Keeping your glutes squeezed and your ribs tucked, lower the back knee to the ground like a lunge.  Keep your torso upright and your front knee should not go forward of your ankle, like the picture in the middle.  Drive off your front leg and stand up, like the picture on the right.  Repeat 10 times on each side.


5 min AB/run/row/jump rope 
Thoracic Flow 
3 rounds not for time 
10 BTN BB Thrusters 
5 banded step overs/leg (lateral)
25 DU 
10 prone lying snow angels 


A) 15-20 min build to 15RM OHS

B1) Powell raise; 8/arm x 3
B2) l-sit; accumulate max time over 3 sets 


4 unbroken G2OH
8 unbroken pullups 
35 unbroken DU 
rest 2 min 

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