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Do you even jump rope?

As soon as I saw 18.3, I knew there was going to be sore ankles, feets, and calves. Here’s a quick and easy calf stretch that is not only good for soreness, but is good for increasing your ankle range of motion as well. For weightlifting, a good rule of thumb is that your knee should at least be able to go out past the end of your toes by a palm-width (So maybe that should be called a rule of palm instead?).

Anyways, take a dumbbell (shown), plate, or kettlebell and rest it on your knee. With your heel on the ground, slowly circle your knee around to find the sticky spots in your ankle or calf and work around those areas. Give each ankle/calf 30 seconds to a minute of pressure each, one to two sets depending on your already-existing mobility. Bonus points if you have a pet supervise.


10-15 min RTW 
AB/Row 1 min 
10 Situps 
10m Farmer carry 
5 pushups 
5 air squats 
10m Farmer carry 


2 x 
Snatch Lift off 
snatch high pull x3
muscle snatch x3
Snatch Push Press x3 
Snatch Balance x3
Sotts Press x3


A) 12 min EMOM

1: Power Snatch x 2 
2: Supinated Strict C2B x 2 + SHSPU x 2 


21 PS (75/55)
15 AB cals 
12 pullup 
15 PS 
12 Ab cals 
9 pullups 
9 PS 
9 AB Cals 
6 Pullups 

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