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CrossFit Nittany Member of the Week: Lori Edmunds

Lori is fearless! 


She never gives up and always makes the best choices for herself during classes.  Her coachability and ability to give her full effort, day in and day out, are just some of her positive contributions to our community.


2 rounds
Row 15 cals
20m SA OH Carry (R)
12 reverse lunge to step up
:20 Supinated ring row hold
AB 15 cals
20m SA OH Carry (L)
6 MB Over Shoulder
:20 FLR


5 min AMRAP
BB Thrusters x 10
BB DL x 8
burpees x6
rest 5 min
5 min AMRAP
wallballs x 10
MB Over Shoulder x 8
Box jumps x 6
rest 5 min
5 min AMRAP
KB Front Squat x 10
KB Push press x 8
KB Swing x6
rest 5 min
AB 5 min max cals


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