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at CFN looks like the following

Through the month of April we will be offering 5 different seminars ranging from gymnastics skill, to weight lifting to mobility. We have put sign up sheets in the 102 lobby, make sure to get your name on the list before all spots are full. These will be very fun and educational sessions so make sure if you are available that you aren't missing out.


3 minutes row/AB/run
10 min AMRAP - steady pace
-5 windmills/side (1 KB)
-10 ring rows
-5 push ups
-10 steps lateral walking plank
-5 half TGU/side

then spend 15 minutes reviewing rope climbs and TGU



E90-OM x 9 rounds

1: 1-2 Rope Climbs
2: 3-5 Dips
3: 2 TGU/side


15 min AMRAP
4 TGU (tough)
8 Diamond push ups
16 SA KB front squats (switch arms every 8 reps)
200 m run

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