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A few simple questions to think about today. Do you know your why? What drives you to do what you do? How are you using your fitness? Start to gain a deeper understanding of the fitness you do and you will quickly learn whether what you are doing is putting you on the path to success or is something needs to be altered.


10 min AMRAP - steady
:90 row/bike
10 scorpians
:20 active bar hang
15 kang squats
20 lunge with pass throughs

Bulletproof shoulders


A) Every :90 x 7

-5 pull ups
-10 push ups
-50 m run



15 min EMOM

1- :30 AB arms only
2 - 30 DU
3 - 8 DB burpee box step ups


2 rounds not for time
- 6-8 garhammer raises or hanging leg raises
- 20 Russian twists
- 15 reverse crunches

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