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at CFN looks like the following

With Murph preparation, we want to make sure we are attending to our hands. By making sure we take care of callous buildup, we are less likely to tear during all those pull ups. The highlighted video covers the basics. In addition after removal or filing using a good hand cream can be helpful.




10 minutes steady
10 m broad jumps
5 ring rows or scap pullups
10 plank ups
15 prisoner squats
10 slow OH raises in a quarter wall squat
5 seated external rotations @30x1/arm

Then Burgener Warm Up - focus on keeping the bar close to your body and standing up hard


Every :90 x 10

1 Hang Snatch High Pull + 2 Hang Power Snatch
(optional if proficient: add 1 OHS after HPS, pause at the bottom for 2 seconds)


3 rounds @ 85-90%
1 minute on/1 minute off
- squats
- HR pushups
- pullups
- DU
*rest 3 minutes between rounds, keep rounds consistent

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