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CrossFit in State College - CrossFit Nittany

at CFN looks like the following 

CrossFit Nittany Member of the Week: Shannon Palma


Shannon can be found in the afternoon classes gettin’ after it with determination in her eyes and a smile on her face! She has embraced all of the challenges CFN classes has thrown at her and thrived. Shannon also regularly attends the Strength and Conditioning classes and is on the GAINZ train!



2 rounds steady
10 m bear crawl
1 round of multi-directional lunges
10m walking single leg RDL (keep your hips square and belly tight)
10 supermans
10 m alternating single leg jumps
10 perfect push ups

Then Down Dog as a group


A) Sumo DL

Every 3 minutes for 18 minutes, do 1-3 reps, building on last week


3 rounds for time

100 m run
10 jumping lunges
5 burpees


2-3 rounds for quality
- :45-:60 side plank/side
- :20 deadbug hold/side
- 5 bird dogs/side


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