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CrossFit Nittany Core Values

In the lobby in Suite 103, there is a poster behind the front desk. Some of you may have noticed it – some of you haven’t. It’s the core values of our gym and they are well worth your time to read and take to heart as member of this living, breathing community. This is the first part in our multi-part series about our core values. The goal of talking about these is to create awareness about what we stand for as a gym and hopefully give you some food for thought!


At the heart of this core value, you know YOUR reason why you have chosen to be part of this non-judgmental community. Maybe you are new and trying to find your WHY. Maybe you have been here for a long time and your WHY has evolved over time. Either way, knowing why you are here will help you take actions towards a full life.

What is your WHY?

And part of knowing your WHY is showing up.

When you 100% show up, you are showing yourself respect as well as those around you by being the best version of yourself in that moment. You may have a very defined goal for the gym or life (like losing 30 pounds or owning a house by age 28) or your goal may be more loosely defined (like being able to move your body for as long as you can in a healthy way or live a happy healthy life). By taking the action of coming to the gym and being present in your hour of fitness, you are leading by example. For your family. You friends. Your peers. Part of this is being responsible for your own actions, good, bad, smart, or dumb. You own your S**T, without making excuses or denying responsibilities.

Where in your life are you doing a good job of showing up? Where in your life can you do a better job of showing up?

Warm Up
2 rounds steady

High knees down
Butt kicks back
20 marching glute bridges
10 seated external rotation (5/side)
20 squats
10 shoulder taps in plank


2 Snatch grip push press + 1 OHS (pause at the bottom of OHS)

Build over 6 sets to a moderately challenging weight

5 minute AMRAP
500 m row
:30 HS hold or 50m OH plate carry
Rest 3 minutes

5 min AMRAP
25/20 cal AB
:30 FLR
Rest 3 minutes

5 minute AMRAP
400 m run
6 med ball over shoulders, alternate shoulders

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