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Psoas that’s what it’s for

When we do the Spealler warm-up, one part involves a lunge position with the purpose of stretching out the hip flexors (iliopsoas, etc.). It’s often overlooked as an important stretch, but for many of us it can be an essential part of maintaining health and mobility (especially for those whose jobs put us in the seated position for a good part of the day). In the seated position, the muscle group is slack, and extended sitting tends to naturally shorten it. Then, when extended (standing, walking, laying down), it can place excessive tension on the lower back.

To properly stretch the iliopsoas group in the Spealler routine, keep your torso and hip locked and upright by tightening your abs, and be sure to keep your leg with the knee on the ground in a straight line. Then, slide your entire trunk forward by digging with your front heel and letting the other leg relax other than squeezing with your glute (sometime it helps to hold onto something like a PVC to keep upright). If you’re doing it right, you should feel tension on the inside of your leg and your hip. Check out the diagram below for a good and bad example. Not keeping your torso and hip in line (on the right) merely leads to flexing the back instead of stretching the hip flexors. ~Micah (Micah is a long term member of the gym with certifications in mobility and weightlifting. For fun, he likes to build things, fix things, and crush hamburgers.)


Warm Up
10 min AMRAP - steady pace

Row 250/AB 12 cals/run 200 m
5 pushups
10 prisoner squats
10 lunge and twists
10 supermans
10 lateral walking planks/side


Spend 10 minutes warming up your deadlift for your workout

4 rounds

10 deadlifts (225/155)
20 OH plate lunges (35/25)
400 m run
--rest 2 minutes--

2-3 rounds for quality

6-8 candlesticks to lever @ 3010

10-15 side over arches/side




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