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Real Talk about....Recovery

Lets be honest, recovery is not the most glamorous thing in the world. It's the crap that we don't really want to do like mobilize, eat what we need, balance fitness and life and sleep enough.  This article about sleep from OPEX is a good read - it explains what about sleep is so good for us and how to improve our sleep. If you are serious about your health and fitness goals, prioritizing your sleep will help you get there!


Warm Up
2 rounds

200 m run
20 lateral hops
20 mountain climbers
20 scorpions
10 light DB presses 
10 light DB rows
10 squats

4 rounds not for time

8 supinated chin ups
50 m sled push
8 strict HSPU
50 m dball bear hug carry
8 alternating single leg V ups (8/side)

3 rounds, 1x every 5 minutes

:30 ME AB cals

With remaining time, coaches choice!

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