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Thoracic spine mobility is incredibly important for many movements that we do throughout our day and at the gym.  Having appropriate mobility in this area can help prevent a wide variety injuries, especially when performing overhead movements, like presses, overhead squats, and handstands. Being able to move in all planes of motion is important for our spine and one of the biggest things that inhibits our thoracic spine mobility and ability to move our spine is sitting or habitually holding ourselves with slumped shoulders and a rounded upper back.

To combat this and improve overhead positions, give this exercise a try. Lay on your side and have the top leg resting on something so your hips stay square. Lay your arms out like alligator and reach you top arm out as far as it till go. Keeping that same tension in the top arm, lift that top arm and start drawing the largest circle you can while reaching as far as you can at all times and then reverse the circle motion to return to where you started. While you are doing this, think about trying to get your chest to face the ceiling as you reach the end of range of motion. Do 10-20/side and with some consistency, you will see be changes in your ability to move in your thoracic spine which will help your overhead position.


Warm Up
15 min AMRAP - steady pace

Run 200 m
5 unweighted ATYTs
10 push ups
15 squats
:20 pigeon/leg
15 supermans
10 m bear crawl (hips down, torso parallel to the floor)
5 unweighted windmills/side

Back Squat

Find 3 RM in 20 minutes
5 rounds

Row 300 m/ 250 m
10 shoulder to overhead (105/85)
Rest 2 minutes between rounds

(20 mins)

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