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Mistakes and Learning from them...

We are all human and therefore we all make mistakes in all aspects of life. It is just part of living. And even though we have heard "learn from your mistakes" many times, that can be easier said than done. But going through this process of screwing up, learning from it, and trying again is part of our core values at CrossFit Nittany. Owning your mistakes (good or bad) and owning the learning process after the mistake is part of what make us better as humans and as a gym community. 

This article puts this into perspective. Some food for thought if you will...


Warm Up
2 rounds

1 round of multi-directional lunges
10 m walking single leg RDL (keep your hips square and belly tight)
10 light DB tricep extensions
10 squats
10 perfect push ups 
:20 halos

Bully Stretch 
12 minute EMOM

1: 4-6 strict dips (do what you need to do to 4-6 reps)
2: 10 DB front squats + 50 m run
3: :15-:25: supinated chin over the bar hold

12 minute AMRAP

200 m run
10 burpees
20 v ups
30 squats

Accessory Work
3 rounds for quality

15 banded good mornings
:30-:45 plank (make it as hard as you want)

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