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CrossFit in State College for Monday, August 20

at CFN looks like...


"All humans should be able to perform basic maintenance on themselves." - Dr. Kelly Starrett

A lot of the content that we post for Mobility Monday comes from the Supple Leopard book. It is an excellent resource for how to fix a lot of the aches and pains that come with having a functional body. It also breaks down some of .the movements we do at the gym and explains how moving well is important for overall health. The gym has a copy of the first edition if you want to borrow it. If you need to improve mobility so you can move well and achieve your fitness goals, the entire team of coaches at CFN recommends you check out How To Be A Supple Leopard. 


Warm Up

200 m run
10 PVC good mornings
5 push ups
20 mountain climbers
10 scorpions
10 m ostrich walk
5 unweighted windmills

Banded Hamstring Stretches as a group

Spend 10 minutes warming up your deadlift
On a running clock...

At 0:00
10 deadlifts (185/125) + 400 m run + 10 deadlifts (185/125)

At 8:00
8 deadlifts (205/145) + 40 burpees

At 16:00
6 deadlifts (225/165) + 800 m run

At 24:00
4 deadlifts (245/185) + 40 DB lunges

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