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One of the goals of CrossFit Nittany is to make you fitter. But how do you know if you are getting fitter? Are you recording your workouts? Are you tracking your food?

Using workout journals or workout/nutrition apps are good ways to track your process. If you don't know what your last Fran time was, you don't know if you PR'd or not. If you don't know what your body fat percentage from March, how will you know if the work you've put into your nutrition has worked by September? We have tracking notebooks for sale at the gym or you can use any little notebook that fits into your gym bag or lives in your car. By tracking your workouts and/or nutrition, you will have a better idea of where you are when you get ready to set a new goal. Happy tracking!

Warm Up
3 - 5 minute station

Station 1: AB/Row/ Jump Rope
Station 2: AMRAP - steady pace
10 light DB press
10 light DB rows
10 squats
10 down dog to updog
Station 3: CrossOver Symmetry 

Skill Practice

Every :90 x 10
Odd: Muscle Ups (Options: 1 strict muscle up or 1-2 kipping muscle ups, 2-3 ring pullups, 2-3 MU transitions, 3 strict pullups or ring rows + 3 dips)

Odd: 5 kneeling bottoms up KB press (KB in the same hand as knee is down)/side

For time

1000 m row
75 DUs
50 KBS (24/16 kg)
25 pull ups

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