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The term mental toughness gets thrown around in regards to fitness and CrossFit pretty regularly. But what does it mean? Honestly, it probably means something different to everybody. But here is a good version of mental toughness that I found from Sage Burgener (she is the head of CF Weightlifting and an accomplished athlete, and her family has a long history of sports competition and coaching). She wrote this specifically about competing in the sport of CrossFit and with the goal of going to the CrossFit Games, but the principles are the same whether you are training for competition or training for that first pull up or training to be able to play with your kids without getting winded. See what you think of this article and try to take a gold nugget of knowledge away from it and apply it to your life.

Warm Up
Rock, Paper Scissors Game
-Squats, push ups, lunge with twists, shoulder taps in plank

IDPT Thoracic Mobility

Practice workout movements

30 minute AMRAP in teams of 3
*1 person working at a time, reps only count when one team member is holding the paired position, when the hold stops, team member must switch work (1 person works, 1 person holds, 1 person rests)

120 cal row while 1 person holds a FLR
90 DB thrusters while 1 person holds a HS
60 TTB while 1 person holds a side plank
30 TGU (w/DB used for thruster) while 1 person hold a wall sit

10 minutes of coaches choice!

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