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CrossFit in State College for Saturday, September 1st

at CFN looks like...

When you come into the gym today, take a good look at the space and how it has changes since you personally started here.

On Labor Day weekend in 2012, CrossFit Nittany had an Open House event which was the unveiling of our expansion into Suite 102. Yes, when this place started we were just on the 101 side (now the OPEX side). Then we expanded into 102. And then we expanded into 103. This place has gone through a journey, just like all of you. All of our members have contributed to the amazing atmosphere that make this space a positive, safe, accepting place to come and be themselves and get better. Thank you to all our members, past and present. 

Warm Up
5 minutes AB/Row/Run - break a sweat

2 rounds
10 PVC good mornings
20 squats
30 reverse lunges
20 scorpions
10 DB presses 

THEN Spealler as a group

Double FR KB squats @ 32x1
8-10 reps x 3 sets, rest :90

4-6 reps x 3 sets, rest :90

For time, in teams of 4 complete

100 burpees
1 person runs 800 m while the other 3 WB
1 person runs 800 m while the other 3 DB snatch
1 person runs 800 m while the other 3 med ball sit up
1 person runs 800 m while the other 3 pull up 

*every person on the team runs
** 1 person works at a time for the movements

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