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CrossFit in State College for Monday, September 3

at CFN looks like...

Today is the day to celebrate A-aron! Come to one of our Labor Day classes and see if you can beat him at workouts with special rep schemes and names, just for him. There are 4 different workouts that will be put into a hat and a different workout will get drawn out of the McKinney Hopper for each class. Which workout will you do?

Warm Up
2-3 rounds

Run 200m together
5 thoracic bridges/side while partner holds plank - switch
10 DB rows while partner holds the bottom of a squat - switch
15 hollow rocks while partner does a bar hang - switch
20 lunge with twists while partner does weighted halos - switch


3 rounds for quality

8 SA DB presses/arm
8 DB split squats/leg @ 3010
100 m SA farmer carry - switch arms at the mail box

The McKinney Hopper

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