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Check out this quick routine (found by Momma Cathie). to add before or after your workout. Core strength is key to much of what we do. Finding ways to keep working on it will help build a good base for your workout. 


Warm Up
Warm Up
3 - 5 minute station

Station 1: AB/Row/ Jump Rope

Station 2: AMRAP - steady pace
15 squats
10 light DB rows
10 m bear crawl 
10 light DB presses
10 scorpians

Station 3: Bulletproof Shoulders
20 minutes to work on pull ups or muscle ups

Use the time to practice skills that you don't normally try like C2B or MU transitions

3 rounds

50 m run + 15 tuck ups
50 m run + 14 alt. DB snatch
50 m run 

rest 1 minute

With remaining time, coaches choice!


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