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Balanced Habits KICKSTART

Our next nutrition group for KICKSTART starts September 14. If you are serious about your health and fitness goals, participating in KICKSTART is a great way to get there. It is a sustainable nutrition plan that gets personalized for YOU! The recipes are delicious, the meal plans are easy - all you have to do it literally follow the directions. KICKSTART also offers accountability and support because you and 15+ people are learning how to sustainably fuel your bodies as a group. Lots of people at CFN have had success with this program, so if you are interested in hearing some first hand accounts, try talking to Jill Johnson, Patti Kenney, Melanie Shaffer or Ann Lehman.

Warm Up

2 rounds

100 m run
10 squats
5 pushups
10 m banded monster walk
5 banded squats
10 Blackburns 
5 hip flexor rainbows/side


(15 minutes)

Front Squat

3 reps x 4 sets at 70-75% 1 RM

Take 3 sets to build to your working weight, rest 2 minutes between working sets

(20 minutes)

5 rounds for time

16 BB front rack lunges (75/55)
4 burpees
200 m run

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