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We have been doing lots of front squats and cleans in class and the front rack position is not a natural position so we have to work on it. Being able to keep a good grip on the barbell during a clean makes it easier to get set up for any overhead lift.  But being able to keep that good grip requires good shoulder, lat and t-spine mobility. 

Here is an easy mobilization that I like to do when I have the barbell in my hands.  Place the barbell on your back like a back squat with your hands as wide as you would have them for a clean, like the picture on the left.  Keeping the barbell on your traps and your ribcage down (squeeze your butt and abs),  rotate your elbows forward into a front rack position until you feel a stretch and then do 10 little pulses (picture in the middle).  Relax and return your elbows back to your normal back squat position.  Do this three times. 

Most people that have a hard time with the front rack position will probably only be about to rotate their arms as far as mine are in the picture on the right, which is fine.  Keep this mobilization in mind as we work on front squats, full cleans, and jerks.  This mobilization done consistently can dramatically improve the front rack position.  Give it a try!


Warm Up
400 m run

then 3 rounds
10 light goblet squats @ 32x1
5 light SA presses/arm
10 m step over the fence
5 push ups
10 m inch worm

Banded Front Rack Stretch

Hip Flexor Stretch

Front Squat

2 reps x 5 sets @ 75-80% 1 RM, rest :90-2 minutes between working sets

Take 4 sets to build to working weight

1 rounds, every 5 minutes x 4

15/10 cal AB sprint
10 heavy WB
50 m sprint

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