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CrossFit in State College for Tuesday, September 11

at CFN looks like...


Laura Bair is a regular at the noon class and is usually seen walking from work to get a jump start on her warm up. She has a great smile, positive attitude and is always ready to try new things and take on the workouts in class. She is also participating in our Balanced Habits Life Program and has lost a total of 18.5lbs. You look amazing Laura! Nice job!


Warm Up
1 Round as a group

15 seconds Fast Feet 
15 seconds Butt Kicks
15 seconds Squats
15 second Squat Hold
10 dead bugs with :5 hold on each leg
10 Push-Ups
15 Seconds Fast Feet 
15 Seconds High Knees
15 seconds step over the fence
10 Lateral Lunges
10 pushups
400 m run

then 10 m inch worm

Shoulder Openers

Push Jerk

2 reps x 5 sets @ 75-80% C&J, rest :90 between working sets

Take 3-4 sets to get to working weight

(20 minutes)

CrossFit Nittany 9/11 Tribute

Barbell Option: 2001 m row
11 burpees
11 power snatches (135/95/65)
11 C2B pull ups
11 power cleans (135/95/65)
11 front squats (from the ground) (135/95/65)
11 TTB
11 deadlifts (135/95/65)
11 FR BB lunges (135/95/65)

Dumbbell Option: 2001 m row
11 burpees
11 alternating DB snatches/side
11 C2B pull ups
11 DB hang power cleans
11 DB FR front squats
11 TTB
11 DB deadlifts
11 manmakers

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