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Warm Up



Partner Medball Toss Warm Up (each partner does 10 reps)

-chest passes
-right hip to right hip/left hip to left hip 
---- partner with the ball does 20 lunges while the partner holds a bridge-switch
-right shoulder to right shoulder/left shoulder to left shoulder 
---- partner with the ball does 20 squats while partner holds a plank - switch
-granny throw then soccer throw 
---partner with the ball does 20 side to side bounding hops while the partner holds side plank (2X)

THEN Down Dog Series
1 1/4 Back Squats

5 reps x 5 sets, building over the sets to a challenging set of 5, rest 2 minutes between sets

Warm up with 2 sets, then start on your 5 working sets

(25 minutes)

Partner Kelly-ish

5 rounds for time
400 run - together
30 step down box jumps - split reps
30 wall balls - split reps

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