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at CFN looks like...

Warm Up
5 min row/bike/run/jump rope - break a sweat

2 rounds
Bear crawl down, gorilla walk back
1 round of multi-directional lunges
10 supermans
10 push ups
Step over the fence down/ostrich walk bak
10 scap pull ups

Coaches choice of mobility or game

20 min AMRAP 

With a team of 3, 1 person must always be rowing or AB, 1 person is working on movement, and 1 person is resting, switch as needed

Movements change every 5 minutes:
At 0:00 - WB
At 5:00 - burpees
At 10:00 - pull ups (no more than 10 at a time)
At 15: 00 - DB step ups

Score is distance rowed or biked + all reps accumulated

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