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at CFN looks like...

Warm Up
5 minutes to break a sweat (row/bike/run/jump rope)
2 rounds
Inchworm down, crabwalk back
5 push ups
10 scap pull ups
15 squats
:20 pigeon on each side

Gymnastics Forearm Warm Up - 1 round

15 minutes to practice rope climbs

For Time with a Partner
Split the work as needed, 1 partner works while the other partner holds the accompanying position

800 meter Farmer Carry (24/16kg)
100 Wall Balls while partner does a plank hold
90 tuck up while partner does a wall sit hold
80 pull ups while partner does a superman hold
70 step down box jumps while partner does an active bar hang
60 Hand-Release Push-Ups while partner does a Handstand Hold
50 KBS (24/16 kg)
400 meter Farmer Carry (24/16 kg)

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