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CrossFit in State College for Tuesday, October 30

Member of the Week: Micah Gregory

Micah is an OG member that comes to the 6 am class and weightlifting. Mobility has always been a challenge for him, but he works on it EVERY day and always is helping others with their mobility. He lifted in his first weightlifting meet. He made all 6 lifts and snatched 190# and clean & jerked 247# on the platform. Great job Micah!

at CFN looks like...

Warm Up
Break into 2 groups...

Group 1: Row or Bike with a partner, partner mobilizes or does basic body weight movements for 10 minutes - switch every 2 minutes

Group 2: CrossOver Symmetry with a coach for 10 minutes

Then switch groups

3 rounds for quality

2-4 muscle ups
Options: 2-4 false grip pull ups or 2-4 MU transitions or 5 strict pull ups + 5 strict dips

20 m bear crawl - perfect mechanics, can be weighted

2 minute AMRAP at 80-90% effort
5 pullups
10 HR push ups
10/8 row cals

2 minute AMRAP at 80-90% effort
5 DB thrusters
10 alternating DB snatches
20 DU

repeat, match reps 2nd time through


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