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CrossFit in State College for Tuesday, November 13

Member of the Week: Michelle Cottingham

Michelle is a part of the early morning crew and is very committed to making it in at 5am regularly. She is always warm and welcoming to new members and steps up to help people in class when they need it. She has also brought some of her family in to join her in getting fit. Keep up the great work Michelle!

at CFN looks like...

10 minutes easy

Row or bike 2 minutes 
10 squats
5 scap pull ups
10 single arm KB swings - light
5 push ups

Abbreviated Hip and Thoracic Flow

5 rounds for quality

4 -6 alternating pistols (Options: Pistol to a box, pistols off a box, pistols with bands)

1 strict pull up + 2 perfect kipping pull ups ( if pull ups are your jam add 3 C2B after the pull ups)


5 minute AMRAP

20 squats
15 KBS
10 HR push ups
5 pull ups

REST 5 MINUTES, repeat - beat your first round

Double Tabata!
Flutter kicks and Superman Holds

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