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CrossFit in State College for Tuesday, November 20

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Liz has been a regular member of the weightlifting class and competed in a weightlifting meet at the end of October. During her training for the meet, she gained a new found focus and dug deep to refine her technique. At the meet, she made SOLIDLY 5 out of her 6 lifts and has kept lifting, because she loves it!


Warm Up
2-3 rounds

30 jumping jacks
10 Blackburns (from thoracic flow)
10 m bear crawl
15 squats
10 side to side bounding hops

Shoulder Opener as a group

1 minute pigeon/side

Strict Press @ 3112

6-8 reps x 4 sets, rest :60 minutes

Front Foot Elevated Split Squats @ 3010

8-10/leg x 4, rest 2 minutes

30 minute AMRAP

1 rope climb or 5 K2E
6 alt. Dball over shoulders
:30 FLR
20 row cals
14 alt. DB snatch + lunge
50 m mixed carry - switch @ 25m
AB 20 cals
:30 wall sit (need a challenge? - hold a weight!)

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