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at CFN looks like...

Warm Up
Row or bike 5 minutes 

2 rounds: 5 scap pull ups, 10 squats

Bulletproof Shoulder

Abbreviated Hip Flow

Close Grip Bench Press
3 reps x 7 sets, rest :60 

Work at a challenging weight for 3 reps

4 rounds for quality

4-6 alternating pistols/side (Options: Pistol to a box, pistols off a box, pistols with bands)

2 strict pull ups + 2-3 perfect kipping pull ups ( if pull ups are your jam add 4 C2B after the pull ups)

2 rounds

12 DB thrusters
6 TGU (3/side)
3 man makers

*use the same DB for thrusters and TGU

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