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Winning - big and small

Yesterday, we repeated a workout we did 8 weeks ago as a way to see if we were fitter than we were when we first did the workout. But the weight and time we wrote on the white board doesn't tell the whole story. Over the last 8 weeks, every single one of us has had a few wins and those are the things that don't make it to the white board all the time.

Maybe it was doing that first toes to bar or strict pull up. Win!

Maybe it was doing a deadlift pain free. Win!

Maybe it was learning how to pace workouts so you don't run out of gas a third of the way through the workout - win!

Maybe it was taking the confidence you got from the gym and applying it to other parts of your life - win!

The point is, no matter what, we are a little different than we were 8 weeks ago, when we started this specific part of our journey. And if you think long enough, you'll find something that you've gotten better at in 8 weeks. Those are the wins that keep us going for the long haul (because guess what, life is a marathon, not a sprint). The numbers on the white board are part of our story and can be indicators of progress but they don't mean jack if we don't allow our own personal little victories that fill us with pride and satisfaction. These are all steps that build us up to the most successful version of ourselves. Use those moments as fuel for your fire. And keep working - hard work always pays off.


Warm Up
5 minutes AB/Bike/Row/Jump Rope

Partner Medball Toss Warm Up


10 NPU burpee box jump overs (20/16")
5 pull ups

REST :90

150 m row
10 burpees

REST :90

40 DU
20 alt. DB snatches (50/35)

REST :90

REPEAT - get the same amount of reps the second time through

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