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CrossFit in State College for Tuesday, January 8

Member of the Week: Cody Borigo

Cody Borigo attends the noon or evening classes and has been a member at CrossFit Nittany even before we had our facility. His amazing wife, Jen convinced him he needed to join and the rest is history. Cody is extremely goal driven and is currently preparing for his next trail race, the Frozen Snot. Keep up all your hard work Cody!

Oh and Happy Birthday Cody!!!!!


at CFN looks like...

Warm Up
3 mins - row/run/AB/jump rope --> break a sweat

2 rounds
20 mountain climbers
20 scorpions
10 m ostrich walk 
10 scap pull ups
10 squats
:30 pigeon/leg
:30 puppy pose

Review of Workout Movements

5 minute AMRAP
6 pull ups
10 alternating DB snatches
12 DB front squats

REST 2:30

5 minute AMRAP
6 power cleans (95/65)
10 burpees over the bar
12 v ups

REST 2:30

5 minute AMRAP
6 goblet squats
10 KBS
12 cal row

REST 2:30

REPEAT - beat your first round, the goal here is pacing - keep enough gas in the tank to crush your second round

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