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at CFN looks like...

Warm Up
5 minutes - row/AB/jump rope/run

5 thoracic bridges/side while partner holds plank - switch
10 PVC OHS while partner holds a glute bridge - switch
15 kang squats while partner does bird dogs - switch
20 lunges while partner does puppy pose - switch

Burgener Warm Up

Every 2 minutes x 6 rounds

Power Snatch @ 50-60% 1 RM snatch

5 TnG reps 

For time

70 row cals or AB cals
70 NPU burpees
70 alternating hang DB hang clean and jerks
70 sit ups
70 row cals or AB cals (try to the do the opposite of what you did at the beginning)

With remaining time, coaches choice!

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