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at CFN looks like..

Warm Up
Break into 2 groups...

Group 1: Row or Bike with a partner, partner mobilizes or does basic body weight movements for 8 minutes, during this time, do 1 round of GYMNASTICS FOREARM WARMUP 

Group 2: CrossOver Symmetry with a coach for 8 minutes

Then switch groups

5 rounds for quality

:20-:30 Handstand hold or 10 m handstand walk (or practice HS walking skills)

1 pull up negative (3 seconds) + 2 strict pull ups + 3 perfect kipping pull ups (if pull ups are your jam add 4 C2B after the pull ups)

12 minute AMRAP

30 DU
20 alternating DB snatches (50/35)
10 single arm DB front squats (5 with weight in R hand, 5 with weight in L hand)


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