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CrossFit in State College for Tuesday, January 15

Member of the Week: Kristen Bartholomew

Kristen is a consistent member who attends either 5:30 or 7:30pm. She always comes to class with an upbeat attitude and ready to learn. She’s been working hard on getting her first pull up, so much that her mom got her a crossover symmetry system for Christmas! That’s dedication. During the day you can find her at Big Valley Animal Hospital where she works as a vet. 

at CFN looks like...

Warm Up
10 minutes steady

1 min row/AB
1 round of multi-directional lunges
10 light KBS
10 m ostrich walk
10 m bear crawl
10 banded segmented glute bridges 

Then Down Dog as a group


6-8 reps x 5 sets, rest 2 minutes between sets


20 min AMRAP for quality

8 strict knees to elbow
12 renegade rows
AB 1 mile
20 m sled push (head down, arms straight)
:20 L sit
500 m row


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