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CrossFit in State College for Tuesday, January 22

Member of the week: Stacy Meehan

Stacy came to us from Fitology and you may see her at 6am or 6pm depending on her work schedule. She’s no stranger to hard work and loves to learn new movements. Stacy loves to laugh, smile and has jumped head first into the world of CrossFit. Sometimes she’s the best to coach because her motto is “just tell me what to do!” Next time you see Stacy, make sure to say hi.

at CFN looks like...

Warm Up
Row or bike 5 minutes 

2 rounds: 5 scap pull ups, 10 squats

Bulletproof Shoulders

Abbreviated Hip Flow

4 rounds for quality

3.3.2 strict pull ups @ 3111

3.3.2 strict dips @ 3111

10-14 alternating pistols

16 minute EMOM

1: 8-10 step down box jumps (24"/20")
2: 6-8 DB RDLs @ 30x1
3: 8-10 strict press @ 20x2 
4: 6-8 upright DB rows @ 2112

2 rounds
:30 flutter kicks
:30 R side plank
:30 scissor kicks
:30 L side plank
:30 bicycle crunches
:30 plank
-rest 2 minutes-

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