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at CFN looks like...

Warm Up
5 minutes - row/AB/jump rope/run

5 perfect push ups @ 3111 (pressure on your pinkies on the way down, pressure on your pointers on the way up) while partner holds a glute bride
10 total thoracic bridges while partner holds plank - switch
15 kang squats while partner does bird dogs - switch
20 windshield wipers while partner does puppy pose - switch

Down Dog as a group

12 minute EMOM

1: 20-30 DU - goal is to go UB
2: 6-8 burpees - goal is to work on efficient movement

For time

80 AB cals
80 DB lunges
80 V ups
80 KBS
80 shoulder taps in plank

With remaining time, coaches choice! (HANDLE YOUR BUSINESS)

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