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CrossFit in State College for Tuesday, January 29

at CFN looks like...

Member of the week: Thamer Alsalem

Thamer has attended a variety of class times and has been doing a great job at consistently showing up at the 8am class. He has made obvious improvements on his form especially on days we are performing the snatch and clean and jerk. Keep up the great work Thamer!


Warm Up
2 rounds
1 min bike/row
10 m inch worm down, bear crawl back (hips down - tight core)
10 PVC OHS or 5 unweighted windmills against the wall/side
5 perfect push ups @ 3111 (pressure on pinkies on the way down, pressure on pointers on the way up)

Agility ladders - lower and upper body

3 minute AMRAP @ 85% effort
500 m row
ME burpees over the erg


3 minute AMRAP at 85% effort
30/25 AB cals
ME OHS (95/65)


3 minute AMRAP @ 85% effort
20 Russian KBS (32/34 kg)
16 body weight reverse lunges

REST 5 MINUTES, repeat at 90% effort

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