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at CFN looks like...

Warm Up
10 minutes - easy

1 minute AB/row
5 unweighted windmills against the wall/side
10 kang squats
5 perfect push ups (pressure on the pointers on the way down, pressure on the pinkies on the way up)
5 scap pull ups with :03 hold at the top

Shoulder Opener as a group

A) 15 minutes to practice ring or bar muscle ups
Options: 3-5 rounds of 3-5 MUs or 2-3 false grip pull ups/negatives or 2-3 MU transitions or 5 strict pull ups + 5 strict dips

3 rounds

B1) SA KB OHS @ 3211 x 3/side, rest :30
B2) Glute bridge walk outs x 3-5, rest :30
B3) Leg lifts over DB x 20, rest :30
B4) SA front rack carry x 30 m/side, rest :30

5 rounds with a partner

Row 500 m while partner rests, does core work or mobilizes - switch

Each round increase pace


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