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at CFN looks like...

Warm Up
15 minutes - steady pace

Row 250m/AB 12 cals/run 200 m
5 ring rows
10 push ups
15 squats
20 windshield wipers
15 supermans
10 lunges
5 lateral walking planks/side

Goat Day - 20 minute EMOM

Odd Minutes: Movement 1
Even Minutes: Movement 2

Goat” is CrossFit speak for a movement that challenges us. Examples: DU, OHS, ring dips, MU. These are the best days to turn “weaknesses” into “strengths.”

“Goat Days” give you an opportunity to refine skills or work on your weaknesses. Today we are going to practice dialing in our mechanics without fatigue.
As an example, to improve the technique of toes to bar, we want to practice when we aren't tired from a workout and can focus on creating tension on the pull up bar with our lats and perfect the timing of the kip.

Choose two “Goats” to work on, and alternate them. 

For time

400 m run
25 pull ups
50 push ups
75 squats
400 m run


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