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CrossFit in State College for Monday, April 8

at CFN looks like...

BIG NEWS!!! This year, CrossFit Nittany is hosting the Military Museum Murph on May 25, 2019. This is an outdoor event/competition that had team and individual participation options.  As an individual, you can do "Murph" or you and a partner can do 3 hero workouts, one of which will be "Murph." Check out this link for more info and registration options.

How will you Murph this year?


Warm Up
4 rounds easy 
3 elevator push ups (:02 hold at top, middle, bottom, middle, top = 1 rep)
5 squats @ 5050
50 m run

Bulletproof Shoulders 

A) Take 15 minutes to find 1 RM bench press

B) Take 10% of A and do AMRAP Powell Raises @ 3010 per side


4 rounds @ 85-90% effort

Row 300/250 m
Run 100 m 

Rest 3:30 between rounds, each round should be +/- :05


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