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REMINDER: Sunday, April 21 is Easter. Cardio and Core is at 9 am with Coach Sarah. Open Gym is cancelled. 

Warm Up
Grab a partner!

400 m run together
5 divebombers while partner holds a plank-switch
10 scorpians while partner holds a hollow body position
20 skater hops while partner holds a wall sit
200 m run together
20 m caraoca while partner does an active bar hang - switch
10 PVC good mornings while partner does shoulder taps in plank-switch
5 broad jumps while partner holds handstand - switch

Bring Sally Up with squats

For time

40 box jumps (24"/20")
40 push ups
40 OH plate lunges
40 TTB
800 m run

3 rounds not for time

50 m heavy sled push

200 m farmer carry


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