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Personal Training in State College

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Even just surfing online for “personal trainers near me” or “personal trainers in State College” shows intent and is a positive step towards changing where you are now and where you want to be.

Congratulations on making the first step towards your goal!


We have quite a range of clients and the reasons why they come to us is always interesting as well as inspiring. Some reasons are straight forward, like I want to lose weight and get fitter and others are completely off the wall.

We don’t judge, your goal is our goal.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, increase strength, improve technique or preparing for an event, a more personal setting with an individually designed program equates to faster results.

Personal training with our OPEX State College program is an effective and efficient way to achieve your fitness goals.


– If you haven’t exercised for 6 months or more and want to kick start your fitness

– If you have previous injury or are at risk of injury and want to ensure you have the right program for your needs

– You want even faster results to achieve your goals


At OPEX State College, we feel that long term personal training has diminishing returns for your money. Any good personal trainer should be looking to keep their members for the long term, building a quality relationship and helping them achieve the best possible results. A good personal trainer should also teach you movements to the point you don’t need so much 1:1 attention. So you truly understand it and are confident in your abilities. So you don’t need a babysitter and a rep counter.

This is why we have taken a different approach to personal training.

Our approach is to build a community whilst keeping the benefits that come from personal training in our private gym in State College.

You will be working out in a small group with other members and a floor coach, but with your own individualized program and training plan.

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