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  • Bevin Hernandez, CrossFit Nittany Testimonials

    Love love love it! Just started here and everyone is fabulous!

    Bevin Hernandez
  • Allison Muenkel, CrossFit Nittany Testimonials

    Awesome coaches who really know their stuff.

    Allison Muenkel
  • Chuck Geier, CrossFit Nittany Testimonials

    Transformative. Period.

    Chuck Geier
  • Lucas Robert , CrossFit Nittany Testimonials

    Amazing people and staff!

    Lucas Robert
  • Dan Lehman, CrossFit Nittany Testimonials

    This place changed, and continues to change, my life.

    Dan Lehman
  • Monika Bhramayana Miller, CrossFit Nittany Testimonials

    Y'all are awesome! Thanks for being so welcoming and thanks for that workout! Loved it!

    Monika Bhramayana Miller
  • Joe Adams , CrossFit Nittany Testimonials

    Excellent box. 2 thumbs up.

    Joe Adams
  • Marissa Moriarta, CrossFit Nittany Testimonials

    I've just started Crossfit a few weeks ago and I am officially addicted. Amazing workouts and amazing trainers. I'm always so excited to work out here!

    Marissa Moriarta
  • Matt Basta, CrossFit Nittany Testimonials

    Great place for a weekend drop-in! Staff and athletes were friendly and welcoming! Excellent instruction and a good atmosphere of friendly competition. Great asset to the CrossFit community!

    Matt Basta
  • Gretchen Macht, CrossFit Nittany Testimonials

    This isn't just a hardcore CrossFit box with knowledgeable trainers. It is a family who encourages you everyday - no matter what. 
    They've changed my life, come in and change yours.

    Gretchen Macht
  • Erika Ardillo , CrossFit Nittany Testimonials

    Great space, great people, great jams.. Thanks for having us this weekend. Everyone made an effort to greet & get to know us a bit. Awesome CrossFit community

    Erika Ardillo
  • Christine Heyser, CrossFit Nittany Testimonials

    I had a great experience competing here for the Festivus Games! Everyone was friendly, volunteer judges were competent and fair, and the facility was clean with equipment in good working condition. Thanks for everything!

    Christine Heyser
  • Jason Paul, CrossFit Nittany Testimonials

    Dropped in for a week and found the trainers to be very helpful and knowledgeable. I was only in town for a week and everyone treated me like I was a part of their box. I will definatly be dropping in if I'm in town again and strongly recommend anyone in the area to stop by. Thank you for the great atmosphere and training.

    Jason Paul
  • Tim R. Powell, CrossFit Nittany Testimonials

    Great people! Always treated well. A wealth of knowledge.

    Tim R. Powell
  • Tom Ring, CrossFit Nittany Testimonials

    Great coaches, great programming and fantastic members. Our second family!

    Tom Ring
  • Pat Thornhill, CrossFit Nittany Testimonials

    This is my go to box when I visit home! Always welcoming and encouraging 

    Pat Thornhill
  •  Ryan Crick, CrossFit Nittany Testimonials

    Awesome place. Stopped in while visiting family. Will be back again. Great people and very welcoming to guests.

    Ryan Crick
  • Bridgette Rose, CrossFit Nittany Testimonials

    Had a great time and great experience dropping in tonight! Coaches and members were all so friendly and welcoming-made me feel like a regular member there. I'll see you all again in January on my next trip! Thanks again!!

    Bridgette Rose
  • Hunter Dee, CrossFit Nittany Testimonials

    Only had a quick drop in, but Brian and the staff at Crossfit Nittany give a refreshing reminder of how a Crossfit gym should function and look. With a great variety of equipment, and an excellent staff of coaches who care and strive to improve their craft, Crossfit Nittany is among the most impressive training atmospheres I've seen. Really looking forward to my next drop-in!

    Hunter Dee


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